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Rustavi (Varkan: რუსთავი) is the 12th largest commune and also the legislative capital of Varkana. The commune is part of the Greater Klow Area and is located just south of TBD, east of TBD, west of Zestafoni and north of TBD. With a population of 635,892 as of 2016, Rustavi is the fourth most populous commune within the Greater Klow Area. The Senate and National Assembly sit in Rustavi. The other two capitals are located in Klow (the executive capital where the Presidency is based) and Zestafoni (the judicial capital where the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court are located). The commune is also home to the Erovnul Stadionze, the national stadium of Varkana and largest in Adonia.


Rustavi is located in the Sanapiro Kedeli region of Northern Varkana and is crossed by the Alazani River.






Public transport

The commune has had a modern tramway system since 2006. Public transit in the commune is operated by the DSU, which is responsible for public transit within the Greater Klow Area.

Rustavi is also a major hub for the MSM network of high speed rail, as well as InterCommunal train services.

Air and sea

Rustavi International Airport is located in the commune and is a focus city for Mesogäische and SAK Varkana.





Rustavi is home to the Pirveli Divizionis club Spartaki Rustavi S.K. which plays at the Nogaideli Stadionze.

Notable people

Partner cities