Republican Revolutionary Wars

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Republican Revolutionary Wars
Date 1758 – 1820
Location Illypnia
Result Republican victory in overthrowing numerous monarchies.
Republican forces Monarchist forces

The Republican Revolutionary Wars were a series of armed conflicts in Illypnia during the late 18th and early 19th century. It consisted of a series of republican uprisings in many of the imperial states of Illypnia, including but not limited to Bayara, Breisland, the Dinarides (Varkana and Aetolia), Echia, Kastruneto, and Sarta.

The Revolutionary Wars began in 1758 with the Varkan Restoration War, when the rule of the United Kingdom of the Dinarides was overthrown and the First Republic of Varkana was established. Breisland followed in overthrowing the monarchy in 1788, with Aetolia following in 1789.

The newly created republican governments actively encouraged republican uprisings in neighbouring states, leading to a domino effect of republican uprisings across Illypnia.