Representative Assembly of Aetolia

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Representative Assembly of Aetolia
Αντιπροσωπευτική Συνέλευση της Αιτωλίας
Antiprosopeftikí Synélefsi tis Aitolías
Type Lower house of Parliament of Aetolia
President of the Representative Assembly Mihail Stephanidis, PK
Seats 320 Representatives
Representative Assembly Political groups Government (167)
     Progressive Party (77)
     Democratic Unity and Action Party (71)
     New Liberal Party (19)
Crossbench (42)
     Socialist Party (22)
     Labour Party (12)
     Movement for the Environment (8)
Opposition (111)
     Conservative and Nationalist Union Party (75)
     National Party (31)
     Freedom Movement (5)
Representative Assembly voting system Schulze STV