Regions of Varkana

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The regions of Varkana are not official administrative units, but have been traditionally used as the regional division of Varkana in a number of contexts. For instance, maps and geography textbooks divide Varkana into the five regions, weather reports usually give the weather by region. The Constitution of Varkana however does not provide for regions and they are not the constituent units of the country, but exist purely for the convenience of governmental administration.


(2016 census)
Population density
Largest commune
Constituent communes
Central 12,950,789 35,736 431.90 Borjomi 45
Eastern 4,014,412 25,028 142.83 Gali 9
Northern 9,029,627 9,649.02 942.94 Klow 23
Southern 3,079,843 39,344 66.77 Tsqaltubo 12
Western 7,290,326 57,750 113.27 Fargo 28