Presidential Palace (Varkana)

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Presidential Palace
პრეზიდენტის სასახლეში
prezidentis sasakhleshi
Presidential Palace of Varkana.jpg
General information
LocationVarkana Klow, Varkana
Address58 Tamaz Chiladze Gamziri, 04507 Klow, Varkana
Current tenantsVarkana President of Varkana
Construction started1854
OwnerGovernment of Varkana
Technical details
Floor count4

The Presidential Palace (Varkan: პრეზიდენტის სასახლეში, prezidentis sasakhleshi) is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of Varkana, located in the 7th District of Klow. The heavily guarded palace and grounds are situated atop the Old Port, and the building's interior were renovated several times during the successive presidencies, most notably after each new Republic.

Flanked by two lateral wings forming a screen against strong winds, the building structure is more similar to the architecture of a resort than a presidential residence holding similarities with the Ritz Klow hotel in the 2nd District. The Palace holds a monumental design with an attic floor, whereas only stone was used for its construction.

References to classical architecture are numerous. The Presidential Palace has pierced facades by arched windows on the ground floor and arched windows decorated with garlands in the other floors. In the tympanum of the pediment, you can see the presidential symbol. The Palace also has a garden of 5.7 hectares.

Layout and amenities

Lecture Hall


The underground houses the offices for the palace's utilities, two video conference rooms, the presidential briefing room, the situation room and the press briefing room. It is also home to the press corps offices, the exhibition room, where all official presidential portraits are shown including Jugashvili's, the Lecture Hall, an auditorium with a 900 seats capacity, and the Hall 1000, a modern large hall with access to the terrace with a stunning view on the Old Port, usually the location of large banquets and balls with up to 1,000 table settings. The Hall 1000 has a dedicated kitchen and delivery area.

Ground Floor

The ground floor consists of the main reception and conference rooms, access control and security, waiting area and working offices for the Press Secretary and the Director of Communications. The lobby is used frequently for temporary exhibitions on themes related to the presidency's programs. Also located on the ground floor are numerous storage rooms, as well as laundry and dishwasher rooms.

First Floor

The first floor is the residential part of the palace, with the presidential apartment consisting of the master bedroom, the southeast, southwest and northwest bedrooms, a game room, and other private rooms including a living room, kitchen, library and family dining room. There is additionally the state dining room, where the President hosts guests on official state visit.

Second Floor

The second floor houses the state rooms used by the presidency for office-related work. It is made up of the respective offices of the President, the Hand, the First Spouse, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of Defense, the Chief of Staff and the SSD Chief. It also includes the office of the Secretary of the President, the Cabinet Room, a dining room, where the presidency's employees often eat lunch together, a kitchen, and the Northeast Room.

Plan of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Varkana
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

Public access and main grounds

Main Grounds of the Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace was, from the start, open to the public until the early part of the 20th century under the presidency of Levan Gotua. Fearing assassination attempts and the upcoming global war, Gotua completely closed the access to the Presidential Palace and increased the number of guards on its grounds. Today, only the main grounds and the underground are opened to the public when there are public events, and of that part of the building, only the Exhibition Hall, Lecture Hall, Press Corps Offices, Press Briefing Room, Hall 1000 and the Terrace are open. The rest of the palace is extremely well guarded by the White Guard and a restricted access zone.

Excluding the Presidential Palace itself, the main grounds include the Dadiani Building, the Kalanda Building, the National Archives, the White Guard Building and the Republic Park. The National Archives is the only building that has year-long public access, although not unrestricted. It has direct access with the Klow Palace Hotel through a footbridge. The surroundings of the main grounds are protected by either high walls or security fences. U/C