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Background information
Birth namePipa Bajusz Latso
Born (2000-04-28) 28 April 2000 (age 20)
Oni, Varkana
OriginKlow, Varkana
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • model
Years active2018–present
Associated acts

Pipa Bajusz Latso (Varkan: ფიფა ბაჯუსზ ლაცო; born 28 April 2000), known mononymously as Pipa, is a Varkan singer, songwriter, music producer and model. She is the daughter of President Giorgi Latso and filmmaker Marianna Bajusz. In 2018, she released her debut single, Bednieri, which subsequently went viral in Varkana. Her debut EP Gvian Ghame Sasmeli was released in March of 2019.

Early life and education

Pipa was born 28 April 2000 in Oni, Varkana. She is the daughter of President Giorgi Latso and filmmaker Marianna Bajusz. She has a younger sister, Liesel, and a younger brother, Amiran. Pipa attended public schools there while her parents worked in Klow. When her father became president in 2012, the family moved to the Presidential Palace in Klow. She began attending ?? Secondary School in the 3rd District. She learned to play guitar by herself, and is currently attending Klow University, where she is studying audio engineering.


2018–2019: Bednieri, Gvian Ghame Sasmeli EP and Tag6 collab

2019–present: Hiakhunang, Küss und Versöhnen collab and international fame

Pipa with Hiakhunang promoting their single Küss und Versöhnen

In June 2019, Pipa was featured on Z-pop group Hiakhunang's single "Küss und Versöhnen". The single was announced simultaneously by Pipa and Hiakhunang on their respective Zwitschen accounts in June 2019. The official music video premiered on 12 June on SieRöhre and received over 61 million views within 24 hours. It surpassed the record previously set earlier in the year by Hiakhunang's other single Töte Diese Liebe, with 61.3 million views, making it the most viewed SieRöhre video in the first 24 hours after release. The single was released on 10 July and has been described by different media as an electro-pop throbber with its underlying tropical tones and flirty, assertive lyrics in Breislandic, Varkan, Volisan and Zong. The song was praised for using the linguistic plurality of its singers.

In June 2019, Pipa appeared on the Varkan talk show Zazashi and detailed the complexity of collaborating with a IK Unterhaltung group compared to JYP Unterhaltung, referring to her previous collaboration with band Tag6. She caused some controversy when she encouraged Hiakhunang to switch agency to JYP when their contract runs out in 2021 and called IK's founder Iang Huensiah "gross and creepy", adding he was using Hiakhunang as his "cash cow" to the detriment of other artists with the agency. She detailed their meeting, claiming he fetishized her for her whiteness and youth, and suggested she join his agency. She also claimed he used homophobic slurs to refer to her and Rosa, and only allowed the collaboration between the group and her because of sheer financial opportunism.


Musical style and influences

Pipa has listed Esperanza Spalding, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone as her biggest musical influence. A big fan of Zong music, Pipa looks up to and wants to collaborate with Z-pop groups such as Hiakhunang, Traumfänger and Tag6 as well as with rappers Vinida and Vava. She grew up listening to Sf-x, Esperanza Spalding and Nino Basharuli.

Pipa's roots in Klow, where she was raised, are evident in her lyrics and style. According to a STV 2 feature on Pipa, the song "Dzveli P’ort’i" directly addresses Pipa's famous parentage and how it affects her identity – as well as the role of aristocracy in Varkan culture – with the line "Everybody knows my name, Bajusz or Latso, so I go by Pipa from now on." Pipa also told the Tribuna that she was internalized her aristocratic roots by wearing the upper-class uniform of her parents and "acting as society expects me to act".

Pipa in Vaja, Tourkia

Public image

Pipa's style has been described by Varkan media as "simple and clean". Asked about her fashion style in an interview in March 2019, Pipa laughed off and went on a tirade against the obsession of tabloids with women's attire, citing for example her mother, Marianna Bajusz. Due to her outspokenness, Pipa has been the subject of many controversies. Following the 2019 assassination attempt of Phiau Rosa during the Zestafoni Festival, Pipa commented the root cause of the incident was the Zong patriarchal culture which triggered a lot of abuse from Z-pop fans. Pipa later stated the abuse proved her point.

On 28 April 2019, Pipa was arrested in Klow for allegedly assaulting photographer Guram Pataridze while she was leaving a party for her 19th birthday in a pub in Klow's 4th District. Prior to this, she had expressed discomfort with attention from the paparazzi on Zwitschern. Pataridze accused the SSD of harassing him ever since and was the subject of an interview in Bechdvit where he accuses President Giorgi Latso of acting like a mafia boss and abusing his powers. Latso commented on the issue during an interview saying Pataridze was paranoid, but chuckled as he noted the irony of Pataridze now being the one feeling discomfort.

Internet popularity

Pipa is known online in the Zongosphere as the "Wolf Princess" (Standard Zong: 狼公主, Lông Kongchú) due to her status as the daughter of the President of Varkana. She became the focus of attention of Internet communities such as Baidu Tieba/Reddit hybrid and Zwitschern, when her relationship with Hiakhunang's Rosa made headlines in Zong media in 2019. Many Zong netizens erroneously referred to Pipa as an actual princess, even though Varkana is a republic. When certain sections of Hiakhunang's fandom attacked Pipa, another section of the fandom, as well as other netizens, made their own fandom supporting Pipa they called "Lông Cháiⁿ" (狼崽), the Zong word for "wolf cub". Asked about this newfound popularity and fandom online, Pipa commented on her Zwitschern account that it was "odd to see".

Personal life


Pipa's personal life is the subject of constant media attention. Pipa currently resides in the Presidential Palace with her parents and siblings. According to her mother, Marianna, Pipa is "much more like her father". She is also friends with Che of Tag6 after they met on a Volisan talk show, and was featured on their 2019 single "Abraça'm".

According to her father, Pipa speaks Aetolian, Breislandic and Volisan. She is a Paradosian Armazist and has declared Nyx to be her favorite god. Politically she is a supporter of the AAP, stating in February 2019 that she supported her father's reelection as president but she said she would not necessarily vote for the AAP in the senatorial election. In March 2019, Pipa stated "I'm a feminist, I believe that everyone should be treated the same, including religion and sexuality".

Pipa plays tennis and follows football club Khoni Mamali S.K. Her favorite player is Sun Hengman. According to her father, she is also adept at khridoli and is considered to have a martial training equivalent to a Tetri Guard.

In April 2019, Pipa was photographed kissing Hiakhunang lead singer Phiau Rosa by paparazzi in the garden of the Presidential Palace in Klow leading tabloids to speculate she might be bisexual or a lesbian. Phiau confirmed in June during a controversial interview that she had an affair with Pipa. Asked to comment about the revelation, Pipa heavily criticized the manner in which Phiau was publicly outed, but praised her strength and courage in the aftermath. She also added she was proud of Phiau and praised the support the other Hiakhunang members provided.


Extended plays

Gvian Ghame Sasmeli EP cover


As lead artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"Bednieri" 2018 1 6 86 78
  • VAR: Platinum
Gvian Ghame Sasmeli
"Küss und Versöhnen"
(with Hiakhunang)
2019 1 22 75 32 82 46 68 8
  • VAR: Platinum

As featured artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
(Tag6 featuring Pipa)
2019 92 94 63 126 41 68 TBD