Northern Varkana

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Northern Varkana

ჩრდილოეთ საქართველოში
ch’rdiloet’ sak’art’veloshi
Northern Varkana location map.png
 • Total9,649.02 km2 (3,725.51 sq mi)
 (June 1st, 2016)
 • Total9,098,480
 • Density942.94/km2 (2,442.2/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0 (VST)

Northern Varkana is a geographical area of Varkana. The region includes the Greater Klow Area and encompasses fourteen communes. In official census count on June 1st 2016 by the Varkan Government, the population was 9,098,480 amounting to approximately 25.23% of the total population of Varkana.


Northern Varkana has a land area of 9,649.02 km² and is a high density region with 942.94 people per square kilometer. It is composed of fourteen communes centered on its innermost commune and the national capital, Klow. The region has numerous unique geographical features including Sanapiro Kedeli and Shesasvlelis.


The regional economy has been gradually shifting towards high-value-added service industries (finance, IT services, etc.) and high-tech manufacturing (electronics, optics, transportation, etc.). Additionally, Nothern Varkana is a national center for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The region's most intense economic activity takes place in the Greater Klow Area. While the regional economy is dominated by services, and employment in manufacturing sector has declined, the region remains an important manufacturing center, particularly for rail transport, automobiles, and "eco" industries. Agriculture is an important sector of the regional economy, the region being the largest producer of lavender, olive oil, fish products and wine in the country.

Northern Varkana is also a national hub for the transport of goods internationally and throughout the country. The Port of Vale is the largest port in the country, while Vale Airport is the largest airport. Important companies are also headquartered in the region, namely the Bank of Varkana, SARK, Madneuli, Mzera, Qhar, Delta, Motoko and SAK Varkana.


Northern Varkana is the only region to have all of its senators from one party: the New Anticapitalist Party. Prior to the Varkan revolution, the North was predominantly a Socialist region.