National Police Corps (Varkana)

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National Police Corps
ეროვნული პოლიციის კორპუსის
erovnuli politsiis korpusis'
Varkan National Police Corps logo.png
Official insignia
Agency overview
Formed 1978
Employees TBC (2016)
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Varkana
Size area km²
Population TBC
Governing body Government of Varkana
General nature
Operational structure
Elected officer responsible Nana Janashia, Minister of the Interior
Agency executive Robert Sturua, National Commissioner
Police cars and motorcycless TBC (2015)

The National Police Corps (Varkan ეროვნული პოლიციის კორპუსის, erovnuli politsiis korpusis) is responsible for law enforcement throughout Varkana, except in Varkan territorial waters which fall under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard. Police affairs in Varkana are the responsibility of the Department of the Interior.