National Housing Authority (Aetolia)

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National Housing Authority
Εθνική Αρχή Στέγασης
Ethnikí Archí Stégasis
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Agency overview
Formed 1935
Jurisdiction Aetolia
Headquarters EAS House, Palaiochori, Aetolia
Employees 13,000
Ministers responsible Erena Rallis,
Secretary of Labour and Housing
Apostolos Levas,
Minister of Housing
Agency executive Georgys Kandhalois, Chief Housing Officer
Parent agency Department of Labour and Housing

The National Housing Authority (Aetolian: Εθνική Αρχή Στέγασης, romanized: Ethnikí Archí Stégasis) is a government agency in Aetolia responsible for the provision of sanitary and habitable dwellings for all residents of Aetolia. The Authority's main responsibilities include the construction of affordable houses. The Authority can also compulsorily acquire any land or buildings to be used for housing, as well as constructing roads, operating sawmills and joineries, and import building supplies duty-free.

It is also responsible for ensuring building standards are met, protecting tenants and holding residential rental bonds.

It was established by the First Convergence government in 1935 within the State Housing and Urban Development Act 1935.

The Authority is organised under the Department of Housing and is led by the Chief Housing Officer who reports directly to the Minister of Housing, currently Apostolos Levas.

Notable projects

Some notable projects that have been constructed by the Authority include:

  • Port of Skopelos Community Housing Project (1936)
  • Rizinia Valley Development (1936)
  • Palaiochori Andropolis Junction Slum Clearance (1937)
  • Fraxos Central Housing Project (1937)
  • Zakros Valley Community Project (1938)
  • Vathi Housing Project (1938)
  • Vamnos Garden Suburb (1939)
  • Antoninus Island Project (1940)
  • Sozopolis Housing Scheme (1940)
  • Lefki Suburban Housing Project (1941)
  • Mid Parisata Surbuan Housing Project (1941)
  • Megaza Slum Clearance and Redevelopment (1941)
  • Kavala Central Housing Project (1942)
  • Itanos Suburban Housing Project (1942)
  • Vamnos Suburban Housing Project Stage One (1944)
  • National Veterans' Housing Scheme (1947)
  • Vanmos Suburban Housing Project Stage Two (1956)
  • Zakros Valley Project (1957)
  • Skopelos Suburban Development Project (1958)
  • Mandra Suburban Housing Project (1958)
  • Stratos Urban Housing Project (1958)
  • Vamnos Suburban Housing Project Stage Three (1959)
  • Patras Housing Project (1959)
  • Kallispolis Emergency Suburban Project (1963)
  • Theodosia Emergency Suburban Project (1963)
  • Semasus Community Development (1966)
  • National Housing Repair Scheme (1979)
  • Semasus Project Stage One (1980)
  • Semasus Project Stage Two (1982)
  • Lefki Urban Project (1983)
  • Lambros Way Urban Project (1983)
  • King's Way Urban Project (1983)
  • Metaxas Park Redevelopment Project (1985)
  • Theodosia Suburban Housing Project (1986)
  • Upper Zakros Housing Project (1986)
  • Semasus Project Stage Three (1987)
  • Skopelos Airport Housing Project (1995)
  • Juktas Housing Project (1997)
  • Erisso, Nysa and Myra Housing and Development Project (2004)
  • Rizinia West Housing Project (2006)
  • Palaiochori Waterfront Housing Intentsification Project (2008)
  • National Watertight Homes Scheme (2009)
  • Astakos Housing Project (2010)
  • Northern Palaiochori Suburban Housing Project (2011)
  • Theodosia Rail Land Development Project (2013)
  • Northern Kavala Housing Project (2016)


  • Parisata Valley Sawmill
  • Central Sawmills
  • Eresos Sawmills
  • National Joinery and Cabinetry Company
  • National Electric Fittings Company
  • Association of National Electricians
  • Building Materials Import Board
  • National Building Group
  • National Building Suppliers Group
  • Housing Quality Enforcement Office
  • National Housing Authority Roading Agency