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First Spouse
Marianna Bajusz
First Spouse of Varkana
Assumed office
12 April 2012
Preceded by none
Personal details
Born Marianna Fekete
(1974-07-06) 6 July 1974 (age 46)
Gyönk, Tourkia
Political party New Anticapitalist Party
Spouse(s) Giorgi Latso
Children Pipa (born 28 April 2000)
Liesel (born 31 August 2006)
Amiran (born 17 May 2009)
Residence Klow
Alma mater University of Gyönk
Religion Armazism

Marianna Bajusz Fekete BSM (Varkan: მარიანნა ბაჯუსზ ფექეთე; born 6 July 1974 in Gyönk, Tourkia) is a Varkan author, screenwriter, director and actress. She is the wife of the 36th and current President of Varkana, Giorgi Latso, and the first foreign-born First Spouse of Varkana. Raised in Gyönk, she is a graduate of the University of Gyönk, and is also a published author. Internationally, she is known for directing and writing several critically acclaimed works, such as the action film Rise of the Wolf (2003), the biographical films Ana Kalanda (2006), The Coup (2015) and Millennium (2018), and the acclaimed TV series (2011–2015).

Throughout 2011 and 2012, she helped campaign for her husband's presidential bid. She wrote over half of her husband's speeches and declarations, both usually reviewing each other's work. She and her husband have two daughters together. As the First Spouse, she has become a fashion icon and role model for women around Adonia, describing herself as "deeply humanist" and often considered a symbol of modern feminism outside Varkana. She is the most powerful woman in Varkana according to the Tribuna, and the 7th in Adonia according to Krämer.

Early life and education


Family life

She met Giorgi Latso in the early 1990s when she was still a teenager in Tourkia. Latso was in his mid twenties, but he was conquered by her in a minute, as he explained in an interview with STV 1. Bajusz is Latso's 2nd cousin, related through Latso's maternal grandmother who was Bajusz's maternal grandmother's sister. They therefore first met at a family dinner in Gyönk. Bajusz "was the childish and lively teenage girl, while Giorgi [Latso] was the charming passionate and gloomy university graduate", as she explained. Latso visited Bajusz in Tourkia several times, especially when she was in university, despite his new job in Aetolia. They married in March 1999, and have two daughters, Pipa (born in 2000) and Liesel (born 2006), and one son, Amiran (born in 2009). After his return to politics, election and subsequent appointment to the Council of Ten, the Latso-Bajusz family moved to Klow from their previous home in Oni. Throughout her husband's 2012 campaign for President, she made a "commitment to be away overnight only once a week – to campaign only two days a week and be home by the end of the second day" for their three children.


Literary work

Her first book was published in 1997 when she was 23 years old, title The Christian Illusion. Written about Christian revisionism, the book shows her views that Jesus's teaching was humanist, and that Christianity should have been ruled by women. She supports the position that the Magdalenan Church is the "true Christian Church" initiated by Jesus. She argues that Christianity is a religion that was perverted by men, to the loss of women, and the general absence of human dignity.

Bajusz was raised a Zamarra Catholic in Tourkia by her family. In early 1990s, she converted to Armazism and immigrated to Varkana after graduating university.


Bajusz's first feature-film was Fire (2000) in which she acted, wrote the screenplay and directed. It was released in June 2000 and made on a budget of ₭35,000.

Her second feature was Rise of the Wolf (2003). Bajusz won the Pilmis Award for her original screenplay.

Her third film was the biopic Ana Kalanda, adapted from the biography by Varkan historian Luka Razikashvili. Natela Svanadze plays the title character, and Giuli Dadiani is played by Kote Bokeria. It debuted at the 2006 Kaspi Film Festival where it received a standing ovation.

Bajusz's fourth film, The Coup (2015), was based on actual events leading to the 1971 Varkan coup d'état. With the Presidential Palace being her residence, Bajusz was able to film inside the palace for the second time since her film Ana Kalanda. The film premiered at the 2015 Kaspi Film Festival and won the Grand Prize.

Bajusz's most recent film Millennium (2018) is expected to be released on 28 January 2018. It is considered by critics to be the third installment in the so-called Varkan trilogy.

TV series

Bajusz created, wrote and directed the acclaimed television series for VTV in early 2011. The first season premiered 15 September 2011, and has garnered Bajusz four Pilmis nominations for her roles in writing and directing the series. The series concluded after the 2015 season.

Themes and style

A recurring theme in Bajusz's fictional work is the psychological development of characters towards morally better or worse individuals. The finale often bears an element of ethical debate.


Year Title Role Actress Director Writer Producer Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic Budget Box Office
2000 Fire Leila Yes Yes Yes 67% 58 ₭35,000 ₭1.6 million
2003 Rise of the Wolf Yes Yes 77% 68 ₭4.5 million ₭28.2 million
2004 Arsène Lupin Clarisse Yes 45% 58 ₭20.4 million ₭9.7 million
2004 Kingdom of Heaven Sibylla Yes 39% 63 ₭130 million ₭211.7 million
2006 Ana Kalanda Yes Yes 93% 58 ₭17.6 million ₭81.9 million
2011–2015 Yes Yes 97% 89 N/A N/A
2015 The Coup Yes Yes Yes 98% 86 ₭13.7 million ₭54.8 million
2018 Millennium Herself Yes Yes Yes Yes 99% 98 N/A ₭15.4 million
2019 Wolf and Tiger Yes Yes 80% 71 ₭50 million ₭632 million
2020 Under the Varkan sun Herself Yes Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD TBD TBD

Frequent collaborators

Bajusz often casts the same actors in her films, particularly Merab Ninidze, who collaborated with Bajusz for seven feature films and one television series. Frequent collaborators also include Lado Gelovani (3), Nino Tsereteli (3), Markos Vasdekis (2) and Shalva Kakabadze (2). She also cast her husband, President Giorgi Latso to play himself in her movies, notably in the biopic Millennium and in the upcoming film Under the Varkan sun. Former President Zurab Avalishvili has also played himself in two of Bajusz's films, namely Rise of the Wolf and Millennium.

For her crew, Bajusz frequently worked with editor Gulnaz Undiladze, cinematographer Bidzina Steelberg, costume designer PERSON, production designer PERSON, music producer Tekla Biniashvili, and composers Martin and Göran Fröst. Daniel Sichinava and Anzor Ivanishvili have also been frequent producers on Bajusz's movies.

First Spouse of Varkana

During her early months as First Spouse, Bajusz visited schools and advocated public service. She hosted a Presidential Palace reception for women's rights activists from around Adonia.

Other initiatives of First Spouse Marianna Bajusz include advocating on behalf of military families, helping working parents balance career and family, encouraging national service, and promoting the arts and education. Bajusz has made supporting military families and spouses a personal mission and has been increasingly bonding with military families. According to political commentators, this "personal mission" is nothing more than a counterbalance to please the military while reforming considerably the military under Secretary Akaki Asatiani.

Women's rights

Bajusz smoking by a lake

Bajusz is a prominent activist addressing issues of women's rights around Adonia. In 2012, Bajusz created March For Justice, a global protest campaign to end violence, and promote justice and gender equality for women. She has been the honored guest of several feminist movements across Adonia, notably standing alongside her husband and Matriarch Salome in Wolffrea speaking against violence and intolerance against women in tribal lands.

Public image and style

Despite her husband's position in the New Anticapitalist Party and the Conservative Party, Bajusz has refused to join any political party or openly support any party. She has however cited Inga Korsantia and Ana Kalanda as her biggest inspirations in the past. As a celebrity herself in the Varkan cinematographic industry, she is often seen at cinema-related galas and awards around the world, or in pictures with various actors and actresses. In 2012, Bajusz was voted the 2nd sexiest Varkan woman of all-time by a Varkan magazine, ranking behind Kalanda.

In an interview in 2003, Bajusz considered herself nerdy: "When people first meet me, they find me very cold. I keep myself at a distance, and I think that's why I'm so drawn to writing. It allows me to be in my own world." By her own account, she leads a low-key life when she's not working, unless she has to go to events as First Spouse or professional events regarding her works. Bajusz has expressed interest in writing a candid account for a potential movie about the Varkan revolution, which was eventually materialized with the movie Millennium to be released in February 2018. She is fluent in Tourkian, Varkan and Breislandic, and is reportedly learning Aetolian since 2016.