Maria Dreyer

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Maria Dreyer
Native nameΜαρία Ντριέρ
Born (1967-03-22) March 22, 1967 (age 53)
Sozopolis, Aetolia
NationalityAetolian and Breislandic
Alma materUniversity of Stratos
OccupationPublic servant

Maria Dreyer (Aetolian: Μαρία Ντριέρ) is a senior public servant in Aetolia. She was the youngest ever department head in Aetolia, when she became Director General of Energy.

Early life

Dreyer was born in Aetolia to two Breislandic parents working at the Breislandic Consulate in Sozopolis. She attended high school at the Sozopolis College for Girls and then studied at the University of Stratos in Palaiochori. She graduated with a BSc, double majoring in Energy Studies and Science Policy.

Dreyer started working for MEH as a Policy Advisor in 1988. In 1992 she returned to the University of Stratos and completed a Masters of Public Administration.

Following her graduation, Dreyer worked again at MEH as a Manager, and was responsible for implementing a new pricing scheme for rural power. Her success implementing that scheme saw her appointed to lead the MEH Restructuring Taskforce. The taskforce was to radically reshape the organisation of MEH, splitting its upstream generation assets from its downstream retail operations.

Management career

As leader of the MEH Restructuring, Dreyer successfully implemented one of the most radical restructures of the Aetolian public sector in decade. MEH was split up into 3 new organisations, and thousands of jobs were restructured. The political fallout from the move was immense, but Dreyer managed to steer clear of any public backlash. Her skill and thoroughness handling this process earned her a role as the Electricity Director at the Department of Energy, responsible for overseeing the new organisations she had created. Dreyer was the youngest department sector manager in the Aetolian public service at the time, and the youngest ever to have been appointed to such a role. She was also one of very few women in management positions at the Department of Energy.

Dreyer was soon promoted to the Deputy Director's position at the Energy Department. After long serving head Giorgi Soskasapoulos stood down in 2000, Dreyer was selected by the Secretary of Energy as the replacement. This made her the youngest department head in Aetolia...

Dreyer led the Energy Department for 6 years, before standing down to lead Aetolia's Scientific Mission to the Mesogean Cooperation Organisation for a one-year term. Following this role, Dreyer moved into the Department of External Affairs, becoming the Director of Trade in 2009.

In 2012, Dreyer was appointed to lead the largest department in Aetolia, the Department of Interior Affairs. She has been in the notoriously demanding role for 7 years, one of the longest serving Director Generals of Interior Affairs since 1960.

In 2018, she was awarded the Presidential Service Medal for services to the public sector.