Manana Latso

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Manana Latso
Manana Latso
BornManana Latso Søborg
(1974-11-18) November 18, 1974 (age 46)
Oni, Varkana
ResidenceAmpuria, Volisania
Alma materOni University
ParentsTsiuri Latso
Hugo Søborg
RelativesGiorgi Latso (brother)
Teona Latso (sister)
Zuriko Latso (brother)
Marianna Bajusz (sister-in-law)
Pipa Bajusz (niece)

Manana Latso Søborg (Varkan: მანანა ლაწო სოებორგ; born 18 November 1974) is a VarkanVolisan actress.

Early life and education

Latso was born on 18 November 1974 in the commune of Oni, in Northern Varkana. She is the third child of Tsiuri Latso and Skadian footballer Hugo Søborg. She has three siblings, her older brother Giorgi, her older sister Teona, and her younger brother Zuriko.



Personal life

Latso dated footballer Tiago from 2005 to 2007, a former teammate of her brother Zuriko at Dinamo Klow. They separated on friendly terms soon after he transferred to the Breisliga, citing the long-distance nature of their relationship as their main issue. Latso started dating VOLISAN DUDE in 2012 and the the two announced their engagement in December 2013. Volisan media reported Latso's family had been critical of DUDE. Latso ended their relationship in June 2014. She rekindled her relationship with Tiago in 2014, now based in Volisania again, but they were separated once again in 2015. Latso currently resides in AFFLUENT NEIGHBORHOOD, Ampuria, having previously lived in OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD.

Latso's three siblings are all prominent individuals in Varkan society. Her older brother Giorgi (born 1968) is a politician and the current President of Varkana; her sister Teona (born 1970) is the CEO of SDI Gruppe, one of Varkana's largest companies; and her younger brother Zuriko (born 1978) is a famous former footballer and the current manager of the football club Dinamo Klow in the Pirveli Divizionis. Her sister-in-law is renown filmmaker Marianna Bajusz, while her niece is popular musician Pipa Bajusz. Aside from her native Varkan, Latso is fluent in Volisan. Although she has stated she is a "massive fan" of her sister-in-law's work, she has stated she has refused roles in her works in order to avoid any accusations of nepotism.

Latso finds little value in celebrity, and maintains that the "more that people know about me, the less they'll believe me and my characters". She attracts little gossip or tabloid attention, and strives to keep a healthy work-life balance. Latso makes an effort to remain unaffected by her fame, believing that it would hinder her ability to play roles with honesty, seeing herself as "much less famous" than her brothers. She has spoken about suffering from insecurity and lack of confidence from a young age and about how reassurance from her family made her calmer. Latso has joined other actors in calling for equal pay for women in the film industry, but she finds that actresses are too often asked to explain the gender pay gap and feels the questions should be directed instead to producers. She has advocated using cinemetrics to determine actors' pay.

A Varkan citizen by birth, Latso became a naturalized Volisan citizen in 2011. She said she was glad to become a Volisan citizen so she could vote in her country of residence. She has donated for LEFTIST PARTY IN VOLI and supported PREMIERSHIP CANDIDATE in the YEAR election. Despite being eligible to vote in Varkana, and required to by Varkan law, she has stated she votes "NOTA" as she feels she is not in a position to decide Varkana's future as she does not reside there. She has also refused to comment on any question regarding Varkan politics, especially about her older brother, President Giorgi Latso.

Public image

She is described as a sex symbol by the media. The AMPURIAN NEWSPAPER describes Latso as a "temptress". Varkan media have considered her one of the "best-looking Varkans" for the last two decades.

Latso has been included in magazine lists of the world's most beautiful women. In 2006, she was chosen by ??? magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. In 2019, DUDE of Tribuna has described Latso as "ageless" and said she hasn't "changed in the last two decades, still looking like she's in her mid twenties".

Latso has 3.6 million followers on Zwitschern as of October 2019.