Lau Iong

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Lau Iong
File:Lau Iong.jpg
Lau Iong in 2008
Born (1940-03-22) March 22, 1940 (age 80)
Kimsa, Omorpho, Zong
Known forHerzog Trading Company
Net worth₭3.5 billion
RelativesMartin Lau (grand-nephew)
This is a Zong name; the family name is Lau.

Lau Iong (Standard Zong: 劉洋, Lâu Iông; b. March 22, 1940) is the co-founder and current chairman of the Herzog Trading Company. Lau Iong was born in Kimsa, Omorpho to a trading family. Much of her life was private until 2009, where she and her partner Christa Samatar released a co-autobiography of their lives along with a declaration of their love in a public press statement. After Christa's death the following year, Lau took a leave of absence until 2011, where to this day currently runs the Herzog Trading Company. She currently lives with her adopted son of 16 years in Koblenz, Breisland.