Land Forces (Varkana)

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Land Forces
სახმელეთო ჯარების
sakhmelet’o jarebis
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Badge and flag of the Land Forces
Active 1758 – present
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Country Varkana
SizeRegular Force: 70,000
Reserve Force: 130,000
Civilians: 19,500
Part ofMilitary of Varkana
HeadquartersNational Defense Headquarters
Motto(s)დაიცავით სამშობლო თქვენი ცხოვრება
daits’avit’ samshoblo t’k’veni ts’khovreba
(Protect the Motherland with your life)
March"There Will Be Blood"
Mascot(s)Giorgi the Wolf
EngagementsGreat Adonian War
Commander-in-chiefPresident Giorgi Latso
Commander of the Land ForcesGeneral Elene Kapanadze
Deputy Commander of the Land ForcesMajor-General Iveri Subeliani

The Land Forces (Varkan: სახმელეთო ჯარების, sakhmelet’o jarebis; abbreviated as სჯ or SJ) is the army of Varkana. The Land Forces is one of three major branches within the unified Military of Varkana. As of September 2015 the Land Forces has 70,000 regular soldiers, and about 130,000 reserve soldiers, for a total of 200,000 soldiers. The Land Forces is supported by 19,500 civilian employees. It maintains regular forces units at bases across Varkana, and is also responsible for the Land Reserve, the largest component of the Primary Reserve. The Commander of the Land Forces and Chief of the Land Staff is currently General Elene Kapanadze.

As of January 2020, the SJ maintains 4,235 troops in Bonande as part of the MECAB peacekeeping mission.




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