Lake Paravani

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Lake Paravani
Lake Paravani.jpg
Primary outflowsInguri River
Basin countriesEchia, Varkana
Surface area5,040 km²

Lake Paravani (Varkan: ფარავანი ტბა, paravani tba) is a lake on the northeast side of the Apennines, lying entirely in Varkana. It is one of the largest lakes in Northern Illypnia and the largest in Varkana. The average surface elevation of 372 meters above sea level is controlled by the Paravani Dam, completed in 1978.



Major settlements

Kojori is the most populated commune on the shores of the lake, followed by Kirponos and Manrolo. Three airports serve the region, including two international airports. These are Kojori Airport in the north, Kirponos Airport in the west, and Borjomi Airport in the east.


Several resorts are located in the region, especially on the Megara peninsula, and along most of the western shores. The rise of tourism in the 19th century led to the creation and success of tourist-related developments around the lake. It remains one of Varkana's largest tourist attractions.

The major resorts around the lake are Megara, Rachmanikho and Numani. Zamardi, another resort town on the Megara peninsula, has been the site of a notable electronic music festival since 1996. Numani is known for attracting young people to it because of its large clubs. Megara is the site of the Megara Castle and is a historical bathing town which hosts the annual Ana Ball, in honor of Ana Kalanda.

The peak tourist season extends from June until the end of August. The average water temperature during the summer is 25 °C, which makes bathing and swimming popular on the lake. Most of the beaches consist of either grass, rocks, or the silty sand that also makes up most of the bottom of the lake. Many resorts have artificial sandy beaches and all beaches have step access to the water. Other tourist attractions include sailing, fishing, and other water sports, as well as visiting the countryside and mountains, wineries on the eastern coast, and nightlife on the western shore. The lake is almost completely surrounded by separated bike lanes to facilitate bicycle tourism. Although the peak season at the lake is the summer, Paravani is also frequented during the winter, when Varkans have holidays.