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Skyline of Kojori

Coat of arms
Kojori is located in Varkana
Coordinates :
Country Varkana
Region Western Varkana
 • Prefect TBD
Population (2016)
 • Total 568,592
Demonym Kojorian
Postal code 15000
Website kojori.va

Kojori (Varkan: კოჯორი) is a commune in Western Varkana, and the 19th largest in the country with a population of about 568,592 inhabitants. Greater Kojori Area is the 9th largest combined statistical area in the country, with a population of 1,138,892 in 2016. Since the Varkan Revolution, Kojori has been transformed by the construction of modern high-rise buildings, as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices lining its historic Old Town.






Kojori's economy is dominated by research & development, insurance, manufacturing, and information technology. Much of the technology-related research is conducted or supported by Kojori University, which adds about 2 billion lari to the communal economy annually. Tourism and gambling are also important industries, the former centered around the nearby Apennine mountains and Lake Paravani.

Since the 1996 financial crisis, which gutted many of Kojori's manufacturing jobs, the commune has transitioned to become a technology hub within Varkana offering tax incentives to tech businesses. As of 2016, Kojori claims to be "Varkana's High-Tech Capital" with a number of key companies in the area, such as Nassér Technologie, Kosham-Guuce, SKZ, and is home to the head offices of Vaio, Depesha, Sharpi and Stereo. Over 1,000 technology and life science companies have offices in Kojori, employing over one fifth of the total workforce. In 2016, the top five private employers in the commune in order are Whoever, Whoever, Whoever, Whoever, and Whoever. Many of these companies have moved into former factories and industrial spaces in and around the central core, and have renovated them as modern offices.


Kojori is served by Kojori International Airport U/C



Active professional sports teams in Kojori
Club League Sport Venue Capacity Established
SK Kojori Meore Divizionis Football Natroshvili Stadionze 32,702 1879
RK Kojori Liga 1 Rugby Natroshvili Stadionze 32,702 1890
Irmisebrni Kojori Superliga Basketball Vaio Arenaze 10,000 1934