Klow University

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Klow University
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Other name
ქლოვის უნივერსიტეტი
klovis universiteti
Mottoცხოვრება (Varkan)
TypePublic university
Endowment8.278ლ billion (research grants, 2014)
RectorEteri Nachkebia
Academic staff
36,750 (Spring 2015)
Administrative staff
162,382 (Spring 2015)
Students419,103 (FTE, 2014)
Undergraduates335,282 (FTE, 2014)
Postgraduates83,821 (FTE, 2014)
Campus15 campuses under direct control, one affiliated law school, one national laboratory
ColorsBlue & Gold

Klow University (KLU; Varkan: ქლოვის უნივერსიტეტი, klovis universiteti) is a public university in Varkana centered in the commune of Klow. As of the end of 2014, Klow University has 15 campuses, a combined student body of 419,103 students, 36,750 faculty members and 162,382 staff members. As such, it is the largest university in Varkana.

The university as it is today was formed by the merger of the University of Abasha, the University of Klow, the University of the Mesogean and the University of Vani. The merger became effective on 1 January 1970, resulting in the creation of the largest university in the country. Klow University has the largest research grants of any academic institution in Varkana, standing at 8.278 billion lari in 2014.

The university is organized around 15 main campuses situated in Abasha, Jvari, Keli, Klow, Ozurgeti, Vale, and Vani. Klow University has produced many notable alumni in the fields of law, politics, business, science, academia, and arts.


Early history (512–1760)

Modern era (1760–1969)

Recent history (1970–present)

Academic profile

Political Science


Business and Management Studies



Earth Sciences and Astronomy


Rankings and reputation



The faculties that comprise the university are:

  • Common Basic Curriculum
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Odontology
  • Faculty of Pharmacology and Biochemistry
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Literature
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Agronomy
  • Faculty of Economics and Finance
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism

Schools and institutes

  • Klow Graduate School of Fashion Design
  • Klow Institute of International Studies
  • Klow School of Theater
  • Klow School of Languages
  • Klow School of Social Work
  • Klow School of Visual Arts and Media
  • National Heritage Institute

Distance and online learning




Abasha campus

Mtskheta campus


Jvari campus

Sighnaghi campus



Dadiani campus

6th District

Lik’ujet’i campus

9th District

Arist’ot’ele campus

10th District

Arkimedi campus

14th District



Ana campus

Akhali Vale campus

Menlari campus


Delt’a campus

Khidi campus

Student life


Klow University's athletic teams are called the Klow . They compete with the other ten Varkan universities in the Liga U network. The university has 20 varsity teams. In the spring, teams compete in men's and women's football, men's and women's basketball and sport wrestling. There are female and male wrestlers on the team from year to year, and they compete as one team. In the fall, teams compete in men's and women's rugby union and men's and women's volleyball.

Student organizations

Student media

Notable alumni

In popular culture

As the largest university of the country, Klow University's legacy as a leading research and educational institution has a significant impact in Varkan popular culture.