Ilia Tatishvili

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Ilia Tatishvili
Ilia Tatishvili
BornIlia Tatishvili Nutsadze
(1955-10-07) October 7, 1955 (age 65)
Klow, Varkana
Alma materKlow University
OccupationCEO & Chairman of Telasi
Salary₾1,603,437 (2020)
Political partyAAP

Ilia Tatishvili Nutsadze (Varkan: ილია ტატიშვილი ნუწაძე; born 7 October 1955) is a Varkan billionaire businessman. He is the majority owner of Telasi as well as its chairman and CEO. Tatishvili and his family, with an estimated net worth of BR₭7.6 billion, are listed as the third wealthiest in Varkana in 2018.

Early life

Business career

Political and economic views

Tatishvili and former President Zurab Avalishvili in 2017

Tatishvili has donated 100 lari every year to the New Anticapitalist Party since 1999, the maximum political contribution allowed under Varkan law per year to a single entity. He has been a party member since 2000 and has been seen at party conventions. Tatishvili is a personal friend of former President Zurab Avalishvili. While critical of the potential global success of the energy standard, Tatishvili has supported the Energy Standard Organization and the Varkan government through the War of Numbers.

Tatishvili has openly criticized Varkan companies and business people who left the country following the Varkan revolution, notably fellow-billionaires Mikheil Vezirishvili and Grigol Rcheulishvili.

Personal wealth

Krämer in 2018 reported that Tatishvili was worth ₭7.6 billion, the third largest fortune in Varkana.

Personal life

Tatishvili is married to WOMAN, an Aetolian national, since 1980. The couple lives in a house in the 7th District of Klow facing the Iremian Sea. He has five children: Avtandil (born in 1988), Ana (born in 1990), Makvala (born in 1991), Valiko (born in 1993) and Xanthe (born in 1996). Tatishvili has been noted for his lack of luxurious lifestyle despite being a billionaire. He owns a Qhar 7036 C-segment car and a Q Model B scooter.

Although his family keeps a pativi kitchen, Tatishvili considers himself an atheist. Tatishvili is trilingual and apart from his native Varkan speaks Aetolian and Breislandic.