Gvantsa Doluashvili

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Gvantsa Doluashvili
Gvantsa Doluashvili in November 2012
Gvantsa Doluashvili in November 2012
BornGvantsa Doluashvili Guruli
(1979-10-27) 27 October 1979 (age 41)
Kaspi, Varkana
Years active2004–present

Gvantsa Doluashvili Bakhshi (Varkan: გვანცა დოლუაშვილი ბახში; born 27 October 1979) is a Varkan journalist and political commentator.

Currently, Doluashvili is a national affairs writer with Simartle as well as a guest columnist for Bechdvit and AETOLIAN NEWSPAPER, and an occasional contributor for Monamedia. She frequently appears on STV 1's TALK SHOW as a member of the Tsodnashi political panel and is a regular participant in various other Varkan – and Aetolian – language television and radio current affairs programs throughout the Dinarides.

Early life and education

Gvantsa Doluashvili is the daughter of Ekaterine Doluashvili, former STUFF; her father, Mohsen Bakhshi, is of Vasari origin. Doluashvili studied law at Zestafoni University and spent a year at SOME BREISLANDIC UNIVERSITY.


Doluashvili began her career as an intern on STV 1. U/C



Doluashvili was the first to report about Juansher Dodashvili's kidnapping by the SSD.

Political views

Doluashvili identifies as politically neutral and a secular. She had said she has never voted. She is of the view that "there is a misconception that journalists can be objective... What journalism is really about is to monitor power and the centers of power."

Zurab Avalishvili

Doluashvili has often defended Zurab Avalishvili's attacks on other journalists and Varkan media in general.

Giorgi Latso

Doluashvili has both supported and condemned President Giorgi Latso's administration. She has criticized his usage and advocacy of the so-called "Varkan way" which she said was "nothing but chauvinistic rhetoric". Doluashvili has praised Latso's administration with regard to military reforms, notably describing the purchase of 100 MiG 35 from Volisania as a political chess move. On the Varkan chemical weapons program, she said that the Latso administration lies systematically, and that Varkan media outlets are reluctant to challenge the administration on that issue, saying "It's pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to blast him [Latso] on chemical weapons because of patriotism".

Doluashvili has proclaimed Latso the "best debater" in all the presidential election debates held since 2011 and commented he was the indisputable "master orator of his time". She pities the fact Avalishvili, Latso and Bestavadze are allies and never challenged for each other's position, the prospect of which would have made any Varkan political enthusiast "salivate with anticipation" at the verbal joust they would hypothetically have witnessed. She has praised several times the AAP for their ability to "somehow always manage to have something intelligent to reply with".

She qualified the Latso–Nutsubidze scandal of being a "waste of time" and that it was "perhaps a deliberate distraction to hide something else or a rare faux-pas". She criticized Varkan media for their coverage of the scandal, suggesting they should focus on criticizing Latso's policies instead of his sex life. After Latso's reelection for a third term in 2019, Doluashvili wrote an op-ed claiming Varkans were in the verge of beginning a cult of personality around Latso if that wasn't already the case.


Although an Armazist, Doluahsvili has been critical of organized religions, including the Armazist Church. As a genital integrity activist, she strongly criticizes the tradition of both male circumcision and female genital mutilation and has been an advocate of the 1962's Sects Act.

Personal life

Doluashvili resides in Kaspi, Varkana. Apart from her native Varkan, she speaks Aetolian, Breislandic and Vasari.