Greater Kaspi Area

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Greater Kaspi Area
View of Midtown Manhattan at blue hour
Country  Varkana
Regions Western Varkana
Communes Fargo
 • Total 2,775.86 km2 (1,071.77 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 2,722,727 (4th)
 • Density 980.86/km2 (2,540.4/sq mi)
Time zone Varkan Standard Time (TUC+0)
Area code(s) TBD
Highest elevation 1,011 m (Mount Dorsaluri, in Zestafoni).
Lowest elevation 0 ft/0 m (sea level) at the Iremian Sea.

The Greater Kaspi Area is a metropolitan area consisting of communes surrounding and including Kaspi, in Varkana. Composed of the communes of Fargo (812,960), Kaspi (576,008), Osina (138,945), Valko (788,263), and Zlatoli (406,551), the Greater Kaspi Area has a population of 2,722,727 according to the 2016 census.