Greater Gali Area

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Greater Gali Area
View of Midtown Manhattan at blue hour
Country  Varkana
Regions Eastern Varkana
Communes Gali
 • Total 8,807.51 km2 (3,400.60 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 2,121,407 (5th)
 • Density 240.86/km2 (623.8/sq mi)
Time zone Varkan Standard Time (TUC+0)
Area code(s) TBD
Highest elevation 1,011 m (Mount Dorsaluri, in Zestafoni).
Lowest elevation 0 ft/0 m (sea level) at the Iremian Sea.

The Greater Gali Area is a metropolitan area consisting of communes surrounding and including Gali, in Varkana. Composed of the communes of Gali (1,126,755), Kirkovo (186,079), Mestia (537,728), and Tatuli (270,845), the Greater Gali Area has a population of 2,121,407 according to the 2016 census.