Giorgi Ramishvili International Airport

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Giorgi Ramishvili International Airport
გიორგი რამიშვილი საერთაშორისო აეროპორტში
giorgi ramishvili saertashoriso aeroportshi
Senaki Airport Sat Photo.jpg
Airport type Public
Serves Senaki
Location Senaki, Varkana
Hub for Aero Dinaridon
SAK Varkana
Elevation AMSL 821 ft / 250 m
CVSE is located in Varkana
Airport in Varkana
Direction Length Surface
m ft
8R/26L 4,000 13,124 Asphalt
9R/27L 3,000 9,843 Asphalt
9L/27R 3,000 9,843 Asphalt
8L/26R 3,670 12,041 Asphalt
Statistics (2017)
Passengers 27,671,585

Giorgi Ramishvili International Airport (Varkan: გიორგი რამიშვილი საერთაშორისო აეროპორტში, giorgi ramishvili saertashoriso aeroportshi)(IATA: SEN, ICAO: CVSE) is an airport serving Senaki, Varkana. It lies in Amos, 11 nautical miles (20 km; 13 mi) southwest of Senaki communal center. The airport is named after Giorgi Ramishvili, the first President of Varkana, who was born in Senaki. It is the 2nd busiest airport in Varkana by passenger traffic after Klow and one of the busiest in Illypnia.


First years

Great Adonian War



Ramishvili airport features three terminals, connected by the Senaki Airport MSM station in the center of the airport.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 serves mainly intercontinental and continental long range flights. It consists of a wing attached to the main terminal building. In 2014, the airport authorities started the construction of an expansion to terminal, which will significantly increase the capacity and the area, with 70,000 m². It is planned to be opened in September 2017, and will accommodate the Aikok A380. Zong's flag carrier, CHHK, plans an inaugural A380 flight to Senaki on 14 February 2017 to mark the opening of its new route to Senaki. Designed to meet new passenger expectations, leaving enough space for shops and services to make the airport a hub of aerial activity in the region, the new Terminal 1 will be an extension to the existing Terminal 1, replacing the current metal-fabric section of the western concourse.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 serves intercontinental and continental medium and short range flights. It consists of a wing attached to the main building, and two piers, in the form of a "T". Pier A and B are mirrors of each other on each side of the tarmac. The piers are connected immediately to the main departure hall and all consist of two decks. The upper deck (level 3) is at the same level as the departure halls and is used for the departing passengers, whereas the lower deck (level 2) is used for arriving passengers and connects immediately to border control and the baggage claim area.

Terminal 3

Located to the north of the MSM station, Terminal 3 is 4 stories above the basement floor structure. It has a semicircular shape with an arc on the side of the northern runways. Eighteen boarding bridges are arranged at equal intervals on the arc, able to accommodate wide-body aircraft up to the Böing 747. The first floor part is the arrival lobby, the second floor part is the departure lobby, and the MSM station is directly connected to the basement 1st floor. The terminal serves intercontinental, continental medium and short range flights.


Airlines Destinations Terminal
Aero Dinaridon Al Jeryan, Al Rufaa, Ampuria-2, Amundsen-Randvik, Asøn-Freyr, Blumenaue, Castejón, Cherniv, Cottbus, Denzlau, Dertosa-Berlanga, Dirranmoticha-Demeksa, Hekelingen, Hildesheim, Iänudâh, Jena, Kikhavn, Laskowice, Luanjing, Malynogorod, Mazar, Nehta, Ratae, Salzgitter, Santu Inaciu, Siavoshan-Esfandan, Siegen, Skopelos, Trier, Velden, Vesona
Seasonal: Anping, Bjørnsson, Huwei-Phokau, Ingjald, Irkytsk, Kopsi, Kristina, Lifang, Moers, Molinsk, Remscheid, Reutlingen, Rodonda, Sabaria, Sekule, Skarsgå, Smolynsk, Stanislaviv, Velikiy Kernov, Xinkan
1, 2
Avia Svaneti Adygekale 2
CHHK Huwei-Phokau, Lifang 1
Dawati Kankadadka 2
Duufaan Mazar 2
Luft Daras Luanjing 1
Luftzong Gudong-Tianpen, Yonghe 1
SAK Varkana TBD 1, 2


Busiest routes from Senaki Airport (2015)
Rank City-Airport Passengers  %
Top carriers
1  Breisland, Koblenz (Hagedorn, Kuhn, Depenbusch) 1,637,422 Increase 3.5% Aero Dinaridon, Breisflügel, Fliege Breisland, Kontinental, SAK Varkana
2  Aetolia, Palaiochori (Juktas, Semasus, Patras) 1,037,467 Increase 5.7% Aeolus, Aetolien Fluglinie, Iremialuft, SAK Varkana
3  Volisania, Ampuria (Ampuria-1, Ampuria-2, Ampuria-3) 938,663 Increase 1.2% Aero Dinaridon, Mesogäische, SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania
4  Aetolia, Skopelos 850,929 Increase 3.1% Aeolus, Aeolus Link, Aetolien Fluglinie, Mesogäische, SAK Varkana
5  Echia, Capua 831,951 Increase 1.2% Aviolinee Echiane, SAK Echia, SAK Varkana
6  Monsora, Massè 829,252 Increase 5.2% SAK Varkana
7  Aetolia, Myra 781,129 Increase 12.9% Aeolus, Aetolien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
8  Volisania, Vesona 645,087 Increase 6.0% SAK Echia, SAK Varkana
9  Kalinova, Malynogorod 569,816 Increase 5.4% Aeroliga, SAK Varkana
10  Vasaras, Siavoshan-Esfandan 532,339 Increase 11.2% Avioliniya Sakalya, SAK Varkana
11  Echia, Cartena 486,553 Increase 0.8% Mesogäische, SAK Varkana
12  Skade, Amundsen-Randvik 458,350 Increase 14.8% Luftskade, SAK Varkana
13  Breisland, Jena 445,088 Increase 10.7% SAK Varkana
14  Lagash, Marqash 439,741 Increase 8.6% SAK Varkana
15  Volisania, Ratae 387,216 Increase 3.6% SAK Varkana
16  Bayara, Castejón 367,624 Increase 7.0% SAK Varkana
17  Aetolia, Lefki 364,881 Increase 8.0% Aeolus, Aetolien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
18  Vasaras, Qoltuq 363,187 Increase 1.5% Luftvasaras, SAK Varkana
19  Echia, Salona 362,319 Increase 13.0% SAK Echia, SAK Varkana
20  Nabia, Santu Inaciu 359,157 Increase 5.8% SAK Varkana
1  Daras, Luanjing 792,746 Increase 1.2% Aero Dinaridon, Luft Daras
2  Burawa, Iskhal-Togdheer 611,534 Increase 7.3% Aero Dinaridon, Dawati, Orientalisch Burawi Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
3  Burawa, Mazar 527,129 Increase 0.8% SAK Varkana
4 Template:Country data NENW, Some City 430,449 Increase 5.9% Aero Dinaridon
5  Orma, Dirranmoticha-Demeksa 349,435 Increase 0.9% Aero Dinaridon, SAK Varkana
6 Template:Country data Tigrinya, Raph 269,120 Increase 1.7% Aero Dinaridon, SAK Varkana
7 Template:Country data Beja, Beja Capital 261,177 Increase 1.2% Aero Dinaridon, SAK Varkana
8  Wolffrea, Blumenaue 220,578 Decrease 0.6% Aero Dinaridon, Luftwolffrea
9  Burawa, Kankadadka 213,773 Increase 2.0% SAK Varkana
10  Burawa, Lambdia 186,227 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
Countries with passenger movements from/to Senaki Airport (2015)
Rank Country Passengers 2015
1  Aetolia 4,816,172
2  Echia 2,558,967
3  Volisania 2,144,843
4  Breisland 1,704,839
5  Vasaras 1,567,624
6  Burawa 1,538,663
7  Kalinova 1,227,725
9  Monsora 1,048,871
8  Daras 792,746
10  Skade 756,537

Airline market share

Busiest airlines serving Vale Airport (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)
Airlines   Passengers (arriving and departing)
Varkana SAK Varkana
Aetolia Aero Dinaridon
Aetolia Aeolus
Aetolia Aetolien Fluglinie
Volisania Airline

Annual traffic

Annual passenger traffic at Giorgi Ramishvili International Airport
2010 through 2017
Year Passenger volume  % change Mesogean Area  % change International  % change
2017 27,671,585 Increase 3.58% 14,008,326 Increase 3.27% 13,663,259 Increase 3.90%
2016 26,715,181 Increase 2.23% 13,564,758 Increase 2.04% 13,150,423 Increase 2.43%
2015 26,132,428 Increase 4.82% 13,293,569 Increase 2.63% 12,838,859 Increase 7.71%
2014 24,872,845 Increase 6.76% 12,952,907 Increase 4.82% 11,919,938 Increase 10.02%
2013 23,191,441 Increase 7.59% 12,357,286 Increase 4.13% 10,834,155 Increase 13.28%
2012 21,431,211 Increase 6.42% 11,867,172 Increase 2.89% 9,564,039 Increase 12.23%
2011 20,055,327 Increase 6.12% 11,533,844 Increase 3.52% 8,521,483 Increase 10.87%
2010 18,827,941 Increase 5.36% 11,141,658 Increase 3.42% 7,686,283 Increase 8.90%

Ground transportation



Buses and coaches