Giorgi Ramishvili

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Giorgi Ramishvili
National Hero of Varkana
Coat of arms of Varkana.png
1st President of Varkana
In office
9 September 1840 – 31 December 1865
Prime Minister Lavrenty Sigua
Sergey Gugushvili
Shalva Omanidze
Succeeded by Giorgi Patsatsia
Personal details
Born Giorgi Ramishvili Gamsakhurdia
7 October 1786
Senaki, Varkana
Died 23 September 1871
Chiatura, Varkana
Political party Republican Party
Religion Armazism

Giorgi Ramishvili Gamsakhurdia (Varkan: გიორგი რამიშვილი გამსახურდია; 7 October 1786 – 23 September 1871) was a Varkan military leader and the first President of Varkana. In the Varkan Restoration War, he commanded Varkan forces to victory against the royal forces of the Dinarides. He presided over the Constitutional Assembly of 1840 which established the new republican government in Varkana. He has been the second longest serving President of Varkana after Levan Gotua but the longest serving democratically elected president with a tenure of 25 years from 9 September 1840 to 31 December 1865.

Ramishvili was born to a moderately prosperous bourgeois family from Senaki. He was a staunch Varkan nationalist and proponent of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights motivating the Varkan people to secede from the United Kingdom of the Dinarides and form a new nation. He led a Varkan republican campaign to victory at the Battle of Theodosia which ended the war. As one of the country's premier statesmen, Ramishvili was elected President in the first national election in November 1840 having previously acted as President of the Constitutional Assembly from the Treaty of Klow signed in September 1840. As President, Ramishvili promoted and oversaw implementation of a strong, well-financed and centralized national government. He also signed trade agreements with Aetolia. He was reelected in 1845. Ramishvili's second term was beset with difficulties with minority groups, including the 1846 rebellion in Svaneti and the lynching of Jews in 1848. He was reelected in 1850. His third term saw a large agrarian reform with the draining of wetlands at the mouth of the Alazani River. Reelected once again in 1855, albeit in a second round, he oversaw the construction of the West Sinora Canal, started in 1857. Reelected for a last term in 1860, Ramishvili sought Mesogean alliances to counter Echian imperialist threats, forming an alliance with Jarin in 1861.

Ramishvili has been widely memorialized by monuments, art, places, stamps, and currency, and has been consistently ranked by scholars among the top Varkan presidents. Senaki's main airport is named in his honor.

Early life

Varkan Restoration War

Presidency (1840–1865)

Personal life