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"Gerissenpolitik" ("cunning policy") is the foreign policy adopted by Giorgi Latso and refers to Varkana's current foreign policy. The term was invented by foreign policy experts Andreas Lubitsch and Götz Kretschmann in a 2016 Außenpolitik publication.

The alleged aim of Gerissenpolitik is to "transform Adonia into a world that favors current Varkan interests, namely aristocratic communalism, the energy standard and Armazism through calculated and public diplomacy, the use of mass propaganda, psychological warfare, and covert intelligence operations."

In a 2015 report, the Breislandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs's International Security Advisory Board declared that Varkana was in the midst of a "comprehensive strategic deception campaign," which was said to include "Psychological Warfare (propaganda, deception, and coercion), Media Warfare (manipulation of public opinion domestically and internationally), and Legal Warfare (use of 'legal regimes' to handicap the opponent in fields favorable to them)."


Public diplomacy

Public diplomacy refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information or propaganda about Varkana and its actions. The term gastsoreba (Varkan: გასწორება, literally rectify) is used by the Latso presidency and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Varkana in the face of negative press, and to counter what they see as misinformation regarding Varkana spread around the world. The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs has instituted new training on the appropriate use of social media methods in its gastsoreba strategy.


Varkana's spin has been directed mostly at foreigners, but the AAP realized that managing public crises was useful for domestic politics; this included setting up communal level "News Coordinator Groups," and inviting foreign PR firms to give seminars. According to Kharadze, trained official spokespeople are now available on call in every government ministry, as well as in some communal governments, to deal with emerging crises; these spin doctors are coordinated and trained by the Presidential Office.

Through its external propaganda operations, the Latso administration seeks to shape international perception of the Varkan government and its policies to "allay concerns about Varkana's economic reforms, chemical weapons and increasing political and diplomatic influence." Specifically by:

  1. Reducing fears that Varkana is a threat to Illypnian security and peace. Varkana seeks to change its image within the continent from that of a growing threat and provocateur to that of a benefactor and potential partner. Latso is working to "diminish fears of Varkana's military capabilities, or concerns that Varkana's global economic reforms would reduce the quality of life in other nations."
  2. Securing Mesogean diplomatic unity. Varkana seeks to guarantee diplomatic backing of Varkana from Mesogean partners on diplomatic and economic levels. Latso further desires to uniformize Mesogean foreign and military policies in Varkana's image and has been a vocal support of establishing a Mesogean Navy and Air Force.
  3. Building alliances and weaken Breisland's relationship with the international community. In the Huwei speech in 2016, Latso said U/C
  4. Promoting a multi-polar world and constrain Breislandic and East Fosian influence in the world. Varkana seeks to slowly diminish Breisland's influence in global finances through the ESO.

Psychological warfare

In April 2015, SSD files published by ??? revealed details of the SSD covertly manipulating online communities. This is in line with the psychological warfare goal to destroy, deny, degrade and disrupt enemies by discrediting them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications.

Covert operations

As the former SSD Chief, Latso has used extensively the SSD, Varkana's intelligence agency, for his foreign and military policies. The abduction of whistle-blower Juansher Dodashvili in Kastruneto in December 2014 by SSD agents is one example of the use of covert operations in order to serve Varkan interests. Varkana has also been accused of sponsoring terrorism by use of proxies in other countries, such as funding certain violent groups. The SSD has a long history of funding, training, and supplying with weapons various groups in other countries to fight directly or indirectly for Varkana's interests, most recently in the Kastrunetian Civil War.

Influences on Gerissenpolitik

Levan Gotua

Varkan exceptionalism

Criticism and analysis