Eastern Varkana

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Eastern Varkana
აღმოსავლეთ საქართველოში
aghmosavlet’ sak’art’veloshi
—  Region  —
 • Total 25,028 km2 (9,663 sq mi)
Population (June 1st, 2016)
 • Total 3,574,853
 • Density 142.83/km2 (369.9/sq mi)
Time zone VST (TUC+0)

Eastern Varkana is a geographical area of Varkana. The region encompasses nine communes centered around the Sinora valley. In official census count on June 1st 2016 by the Varkan Government, the population was 3,574,853 amounting to approximately 10% of the total population of Varkana.



Agriculture (including fruit, vegetables, dairy, and wine production) is a major Eastern industry. Eastern Varkana is the largest aluminium producing region in the country.