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Founded 15 November 2002; 17 years ago (2002-11-15)
Hubs Mazar International Airport
Focus cities Jame International Airport
Frequent-flyer program Duufan Flyer
Fleet size 108
Destinations 65
Headquarters Mazar
Key people Herrik Vohimer (CEO)
Revenue Increase BUĦ289.55 billion (2018)
Operating income Increase BUĦ$5.595 billion (2018)
Profit Increase BUĦ2.345 billion (2018)
Total equity Increase BUĦ63.936 billion (2018)
Employees More than 21,216
Website duufaan.com

Duufaan Fluggesellschaften (SGLM), also known as Duufaan is the largest of the two airlines based out of Mazar in Burawa. The airline operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to 52 destinations in 30 countries. Duufaan operates a fleet of aircraft that includes the Aikok A320, Aikok A350 and Böing 777.

Duufaan was founded on 15 November 2002 by Herrik Vohimer, a venture capitalist and aviation enthusiast based in Mazar. The airline was created as an attractive alternative to fliers departing from the Greater Iskhal-Mazar Area who did not want to fly the state run Dawati or the older Mazar Fluglinie.


Duufaan serves 65 destinations in 30 countries and territories on five continents. The airline serves many international hubs around Fosia, Illypnia and Empodia and is part of the Himmel Allianz. The airline is prohibited from flying into Burawa from Mazar as it would be considered a domestic service, which only Dawati has rights to. The airline is allowed to fly to Lambdia. Even with the restriction, the airline operates pseudo-domestic routes with stop-overs in Jame, Maianka to areas in the far north of Burawa.

Duufaan has codeshare agreements with the following airlines: