Department of Finance (Varkana)

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Department of Finance
ფინანსები დეპარტამენტის
pinansebi departamentis
Department of Finance Headquarters
Agency overview
Formed 2004
Jurisdiction Government of Varkana
Headquarters Finance Department Building,
?th District, Klow, Varkana
Annual budget TBC lari
Ministers responsible Medea Arakishvili,
Zaza Kedelashvili,
Minister of Finance
Ani Mirotadze,
Minister for Business and Growth
Tamaz Mechiauri,
Minister for Taxation

The Varkan Department of Finance (Varkan: ფინანსები დეპარტამენტის, pinansebi departamentis) is a part of the Varkan political system. It is responsible for planning and implementing the Government of Varkana's overall economic policy.

The Department prepares the draft State Budget and monitors implementation of the approved budget, manages state revenues and collects direct and indirect taxes, manages the deficit and conducts the Government's economic relations with foreign governments, regulates the domestic market, savings and insurance and maintains auxiliary units for government ministries in motor vehicles, computer services, printing and government procurement.