Christa Samatar

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Christa Samatar
File:Christa Samatar.jpg
Born(1917-05-11)May 11, 1917
Kleinstadt, Würzburg, Breisland
DiedNovember 1, 2010(2010-11-01) (aged 92)
Huwei, Hong Leng Te, Zong
Net worth₭2.2 billion
Spouse(s)Warsame Samatar
ChildrenSugule, Xuudi, and Franz
RelativesSamatar family

Christa Samatar (b. Christa Müller, May 11, 1917 – November 1, 2010) was a famous philanthropist and venture capitalist who ran Herzog Trading Company until her death in 2010. She is also known as the widow of the famous industrialist Warasme Samatar, who was assassinated in 1967 during the Mazar Independence Movement. Christa was born to Friedrich and Anna Müller, farmers who lived in Würzburg region of Breisland. During the Great Adonian War, she volunteered to help work in the navy yards helping to sort and pack goods arriving at the port for the war effort. During that time, she had met Warasme and married in 1936. Christa had worked alongside Warsame during his day to day operations until his death, where she had become the sole owner of his remaining assets.

Christa had continued to run the Samatar Group until it had dissolved in 1973 after most of it's domestic entities being nationalized by Burawa. Fueled by a sense of entrepreneurial behavior herself, she had left most of her remaining assets to her children and created the Herzog Trading Company in 1975 with her business partner and later spouse Lau Iong. The Herzog Trading company acted as middleman logistics firm for many new factories in Zong during its economic liberalization.