Central Belt

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The Central Belt is a highly urbanised and industrialised region located in Central Aetolia. It stretches from the city of Theodosia in the southwest to Palaiochori and Falasia in the northeast. The region is home to many large manufacturing plants that make up the backbone of Aetolian industry, including Trakas, TPV and Viva plants. The area is also home to a large proportion of Aetolia's population, with??? percent of the national population.

The region has dense transportation networks, with several railway lines and motorways connecting main centres, which are often duplicated. There is also an internationally important high-speed railway line that connects with neighbouring countries Varkana and Kotcija. Several large international airports also serve the region, as well as being anchored with two international ports either end, at Theodosia and Palaiochori.

The region adjoins onto the highly built-up Sinora Valley and Pheresian Plain. These are also important urbanised regions, the former shared with Varkana, that have a specific agricultural character that differentiates them from the Central Belt.

Other major industrial regions in Aetolia include the Parisata Valley and the Skovpa Gulf Coast (also known as the North Iremian Coast). To a lesser degree, the Upper Sinora Basin can be considered as an important industrial area.