Bessarion Makharadze

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Bessarion Makharadze
Coat of arms of Varkana.png
?th Hand (Kingdom of Varkana)
In office
1 January 1791 – 31 December 1805
Monarch Basil
Preceded by Rusudan Eliava
Succeeded by Elena Sukhishvili
Personal details
Born Bessarion Makharadze Beritashvili
12 February 1757
Kordu, Varkana, United Kingdom of the Dinarides
Died 23 October 1810
Klow, Varkana, United Kingdom of the Dinarides
Political party National Liberal Party
Religion Armazism

Bessarion Makharadze Beritashvili (Varkan: ბესსარიონ მახარაძე ბერითაშვილი; 12 February 1757 – 23 October 1810) was a Varkan politician and the ?th Hand from 1 January 1791 to 31 December 1805.