Battle of Kastruneto

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Battle of Kastruneto
Part of the Central Illypnian theater
of the Great Adonian War
Destroyed building in Botao Kastruneto during the Great Adonian War.jpg
Destroyed building in Botao
Date 10 January 1938 – 14 June 1942 (4 years, 5 months and 4 days)
Location Kastruneto, Varkana
Result Decisive Allied victory
Varkana Varkana Kastruneto Kastruneto
Commanders and leaders
Varkana Levan Gotua
Varkana Kita Abashidze
Kastruneto Dude
1,500,000 troops 4,200,000 troops
Casualties and losses
475,000 dead or wounded
4,162 aircraft lost
3,682 tanks destroyed
Total: 475,000
1,200,000 casualties
1,987,582 captured
11,716 aircraft lost
Total: 1,200,000

The Battle of Kastruneto .

By 1938, the Varkans had sent 50,000 soldiers to fight in Kastruneto. Past this point, the SS engaged in more conventional warfare with Kastrunetian and Breislandic forces. Every year onward there was significant build-up of Breislandic forces despite little progress. By the end of 1939, the Brigadas Vermelhas held almost no territory in Kastruneto, and their recruitment dropped by over 75% in 1940, signifying a drastic reduction in guerrilla operations and necessitating increased use of Varkan regulars. In 1940, Varkana declared a Provisional Revolutionary Government in Kastruneto in an attempt to give the reduced Brigadas Vermelhas a more international stature, but the guerrillas from then on were sidelined as Varkan forces begun more conventional combined arms warfare. Operations crossed national borders: Ashakarra was invaded by Varkana in 1939 and was used as a supply route; the route through Ashakarra began to be bombed by the Allied Powers in 1940.

By 1941, the Allied Powers managed to repel most of the Varkan troops to the Dalian Mountains. The front soon bogged down into trench warfare at high altitudes and with very cold winters. Fighting along the front displaced much of the civilian population, of which several thousand died from malnutrition and illness in Kastrunetian and Varkan refugee camps. The Allied victory at PLACE in 1942 and the Allied counteroffensive into Varkana ended the Battle of Kastruneto.