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Flag of Ashakarra Coat of arms of Ashakarra
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: TBD
Anthem: "TBD"
Location of Ashakarra in Adonia
and largest city
Official languages Ashakarran
Recognised regional languages Abaza
Demonym Ashakarran
Government Democratic constitutional
semi-presidential unitary republic
 -  President Nugzar Zantaria
 -  Prime Minister Pavlos Lakoba
Legislature Parliament
Constitutional history
 -  Principality of Ashakarra 864 
 -  Republic of Ashakarra 1789 
 -  Total 74,121 km2TEMP STAT
28,618.28 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 0.8%
 -  2016 estimate 4,331,582
 -  2016 census 4,331,582
 -  Density 58.44/km2
151.36/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 -  Total ₭102.706 billion
 -  Per capita ₭23,711
Gini (2016)22.6
low · ??th
HDI (2016).884
very high · ??th
QLI (2016)7.62 high
IEF (2016)71.7 Mostly Free
Currency Currency (symbol) (ASH)
Time zone (TUC+1)
Date format CE
Drives on the right
Calling code +##
Internet TLD .as

Ashakarra (Ashakarran: Ασχακάρρα, Ashakarra) is a unitary republic of roughly 4 million people in northwestern Illypnia. It is bordered by Varkana to the north, Sakalia and Tourkia to the east, Svaneti to the west, and Kastruneto to the south. The territory of Ashakarra covers 74,121 square kilometers and has mainly a humid continental climate in its lowlands and subalpine climate in alpine areas. Ashakarra's terrain is generally mountainous, with about two thirds the country lying in the Dalian mountain range; and its highest point is ??? meters.

Ashakarra is a semi-presidential representative democracy comprising of 6 regions. The largest city and national capital, with a population exceeding 1.7 million, is Okumi.



Urban agglomerations

Urban agglomeration Area
2016 census
Okumi TBD 1,706,823
Gulri TBD 312,582
Tvalameri TBD 246,381
Antemore TBD 213,174
Yelitsa TBD 188,543