Adonian Community Stability Mission in Bonande

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The Adonian Community Stability Mission in Bonande or MECAB, an acronym based on its Volisanian name (Volisanian: Missió d'Estabilitat de la Comunitat Adoniana a Bonande), is an Adonian Community peacekeeping force in Bonande which was established in 2007. The peacekeepers are allowed to use force to protect civilians and humanitarian operations.

The following nations contributed with military personnel: U/C - Breisland, Varkana, Vasaras and Zong. As of January 2020, the total strength of AC peacekeeping troops in Bonande is approximately 18,000. More than ## nations have contributed military and police personnel for peacekeeping effort, with Varkana being the single largest contributor.


Organization and forces

The force was led by NATION Major General DUDE until 17 June 2013, after which he was succeeded by Lieutenant General DUDE of NATION.

As of 1 January 2020, the total number of personnel in the mission is 18,000:

Country Police Experts Troops
 Aetolia 20 4 565
 Breisland 0 0 4
 Varkana 245 20 4,235
 Vasaras 0 5 0
 Zong 0 0 7